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Mitch Dyer

Writer, Editor, Creator, Canadian, Loudmouth

Irregular curator of very short stories at DownWriteFierce

Oct 19 '14
Aug 15 '14




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Aug 12 '14

PAX Prime 2014

I’m on a bunch of panels at PAX Prime! Come see me babble like an idiot about video games with my friends.

IGN Game Scoop - Friday, August 29 @ 2:30pm, Sasquatch Theater 

The Rebel FM Video Game/Relationship Advice Happy Hour - Friday, August 29 @ 9pm, Wombat Theater 

Help Design ‘Game Journalism Story’! - Saturday, August 30 @ 2:30pm, Sphinx Theater

The Game Industry Rumble! Live on the N64! - Sunday, August 31 @ 10am, Hedgehog Theater

More to come!

Jul 28 '14
Jul 2 '14

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