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Mitch Dyer

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Apr 8 '14
I can’t even handle it.
via tmntmovie

I can’t even handle it.

via tmntmovie

Apr 5 '14

Daniel Krupa, ladies and gentlemen.

Apr 1 '14

The World Inside of My Pocket

I love this thing from jaredrea about privatizing his own social life. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately — the thin line between persona and personal, having your online identity being your own vs. something that belongs to the people who follow you because of the work they enjoy, etc. 

Smart read.

About a year ago I decided to start building something that resembled a private life. I stopped taking Instagram pictures of everything and left my phone in my pocket more often to focus on the memories I was creating. I stopped obsessively checking into locations on Foursquare and only did so for deals or if it assisted me in better communicating a story. I locked down my Facebook, I stopped tagging people in tweets and whatever I put out there in the world I did so with the idea that it was controlled and that everything else was for me and me alone.

I sincerely doubt that anyone noticed and that’s great. I feel a lot better about what I make available and my mental health has been a lot better because of it. Still, there is one aspect of this private life that I struggle with and that’s my relationship with Twitter and that nebulous space we all live in now where no one’s clear on where one’s job begins and ends.

I know where that line exists. It’s my pocket.

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Mar 7 '14

Drunks of the Ancients


Feb 18 '14

Early to rise, Nasu, Japan

Canon T3i, EFS 18-55mm, February 13, 2014